08 Dec

2011 almost here…

 “Good plans shape good decisions. That’s why good planning helps to make elusive dreams come true.” – Unknown

It’s hard to believe, although somewhat necessary to notice – 2011 is almost upon us!

At the end of a long, hard year it’s good to take stock of the year that was and also plan for the next 365 days. So, in this last blog post of 2010, here are some questions for you to ponder as we wind down towards the festive season…

The year that was!

  • What were your achievements in 2010?
  • What did you do well to make these achievements possible?
  • Was there anything you learnt about yourself and your business over the year?
  • What could you have done better?


The year that will be!

  • What do you want to achieve in 2011?
  • Which of your awesome strengths will help you get there?
  • What challenges do you predict and how will you overcome them?
  • Who will help and support you in 2011?

These are just a few questions to help you celebrate your 2010 successes and start the planning for 2011.

Wishing you all a very successful year end and a happy holiday season! Thanks for reading and we’ll be back blogging in 2011.

(engagingPOTENTIAL will still be working with clients throughout December –  just no blogging until January.)

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