Engaging Potential is a boutique business offering outstanding personalised service.

In all that we do, we aim to be:

  • curious in order to understand your business
  • positive to ensure a focus on solutions
  • honest in offering insight and advice

With big business experience and access to a quality consultant network, we offer scalable
solutions and the right expertise for your needs.

Engaging Potential gives you access to tailored learning and development services.

  • Facilitation: helping departmental or cross functional teams to achieve results with:
    • vision creation
    • strategy development
    • strategic and tactical planning
    • employee and stakeholder focus groups
    • brainstorming
  • Training: providing customised solutions across numerous topics, including:
    • management and leadership
    • coaching skills
    • stakeholder and customer engagement
    • sales skills
    • navigating change
  • Team development: supporting managers and project leads to develop extraordinary teams through:
    • team performance assessments
    • team vision and charter sessions
    • conflict management
    • innovation exercises
    • team understanding workshops
  • Coaching: offering personalised one-to-one coaching for:
    • New managers, team leaders and supervisors
    • Frontline managers
    • Senior executives
  • Assessments and diagnostics:
    • My Brain Solutions Leadership Assessment
    • Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI®) Step I and Step II
    • Science of Self™ (DISC, Workplace Motivators, Emotional Quotient)
    • Forrester/Drexler Team Performance™ Indicator
    • Emotional Intelligence EQi2.0® and EQi2.0®360
    • Interpersonal FIRO-B® and FIRO Business™ instruments
    • iStartStrong™ career interests
    • Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument (TKI™)
    • General Mental Ability Series for recruitment (Cognitive Ability Tests GMA-2™,GMA-3™, GMA-4™, GMA-6™)
Through the application of these services, Engaging Potential partners with your business to inspire employees to achieve great things!

From initial briefing through to design, delivery and debriefing, Engaging Potential aims to create productive and sustainable learning environments. This approach requires two-way dialogue, input and commitment. Engaging Potential and client/business partner – we work together for a successful outcome.

If you want to partner with a company that really does care about your outcomes, then we can’t wait to work with you!


Engaging Potential’s MD
Engaging Potential’s founder and Managing Director Roz Lindsay has extensive business experience that she applies to every client project.

More about Roz...


Roz is an experienced consultant, coach, facilitator and trainer, with a passion for people development and team performance.

Applying a flexible and practical approach, Roz can ensure a complete solution for your learning and development or team related needs.

Roz’s training and facilitation style is energetic and interactive. Through the creation of a flexible and collaborative environment, she seeks to draw out people’s strengths to optimise outcomes. Sessions encompass self-reflection, workshops, case studies and discussions, ensuring that the participants are engaged effectively.

With Engaging Potential, you don’t just get a trainer! You also receive the services of a facilitator, a professional coach and a learning and development advisor to ensure a complete solution for your needs.

Roz also has significant experience with operational and management initiatives and can provide consultancy services to support your broader projects from strategy development through to training and implementation.

With a diverse background across industries and roles, Roz brings this experience to enhance her learning and development offering. Having been a Sales Representative, Operations Manager, Sales Manager and Senior Training Manager, Roz has a solid understanding of her speciality areas of sales, team development, management and leadership.



“I highly recommend Roz as an intelligent and engaging business consultant. She has a positive approach to issues and is able to cut through the clutter with insightful questions and innovative solutions. Roz also takes care of the details letting you know exactly how projects are tracking with regular updates and progress reports. One of the things that clearly comes across when interacting with Roz is her breadth of experience and expertise in customer service. It’s always a pleasure working with someone with such a positive can-do attitude – who then actually delivers on promises!” – Sales and Marketing Manager, Pharmaceuticals

“Her ability to tailor projects from global to local is highly commendable and she engages well with the group taking time to know who she is delivering information to before delivering on tasks. Roz works alongside the team from the inception of the project to ensure she is on the right track to deliver quality work each time. I would highly recommend Roz to anyone and be reassured your project/work will be delivered on time, within budget and at a high professional level.” – Brand Manager

“Roz was engaged to assist me to review our Organisation’s existing mission and aims, with a view to consolidating that thinking into a report that could be used to drive change within the business. Roz was very thorough in understanding the brief and suggested a great process to work through the agenda. She delivered on the day- ensuring everything was done and kept everyone on track. The report was very thorough. I would not hesitate to recommend Roz to extract maximum output from a Board and to keep them engaged along the way. Her professionalism is another strength you can rely on.” – National Executive Officer, Not-For-Profit

“I would highly recommend Roz as a consultant. A pleasure to work with, Roz has a wide range of expertise, is knowledgeable, flexible, personable and professional. Importantly Roz builds strong business partnerships and has an excellent understanding of our business, which is reflected in the success of the projects that she delivers. “ – HR Manager, Healthcare